Dan B. Hood lives and works in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he completed his BFA in Printmaking at the School of Art at the University of Tennessee in 2015. As founder of HAUS of DIVE, Dan curates the arts publication and online gallery; focusing on showcasing emerging artists from the southeast and around the country. In 2017 he started a new sound project called Orb Wielder, blending his visual interests in harsh industrial textures with synthesizers and found samples.

I am interested in exploring identity through queering of industrial materials. My process relies on staging of objects that engage the viewer in a known yet disconnected experience of familiar symbols. Through interactions and play, I attempt to understand the cyclical nature of objects; the birth, life, destruction, and the role we as humans play in the order of these systems. From broken concrete and flowers to sigils and zones my work explores a space where human touch blurs the line between organic and synthetic.